Roborovski Show Standards

National Hamster Council  -  Roborovski Show Standards

In order to present your hamster at a show, it will be required to meet the Roborovskis Show Standards.

Interestingly, the Roborovski hamster has only been standardised since 2009 here in the UK.

The National Hamster Council govern the rules and regulations.

National Hamster Council  -  Roborovski Show Standards

TYPE – 25 Points:

The body shall be broad and cobby, carried low and sturdily on short legs.
The head shall be well set into the body, with no perceptible neck.
The skull shall be broad with a short face and wide muzzle.
The eyes and eyes shall be set well apart.

FUR – 20 Points:

The fur shall be soft, smooth and very dense.
This also applies to the soles of the feet.

SIZE – 10 Points:

Adult range: 6 – 8 cm long

CONDITION – 10 Points:

The hamster shall be fit, curious when awake and tame to handle.
The body shall be well fleshed but with no surplus fat.
The coat shall have a healthy sheen and be clean.

EYES AND EYES – 5 Points:

The eyes shall be large and prominent, rounded but not bulging.
The ears shall be rounded, carried erect when the animal is alert, and clearly visible above the fur.

COLOUR – 30 Points:

Where base colour in indicated, this applies to the whole animal, excluding the belly fur.


Top Coat: Sandy Brown carried 1/3 down.
Very lightly and evenly ticked with dark brown.
Base Colour: Slate Grey
Belly Fur: White
Feet: White
Eyes: Black
Ears: Flesh
Markings: Arches and spinal stripe are absent. The boundary between top colour and belly fur shall be a straight, even and sharply defined line along the animal’s flanks and over the tail root. The “eyebrow” markings and the whisker beds shall be pure white and clearly defined.

NOTES: “Open” coat, showing under colour, to be heavily penalised.


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