Roborovski Hamster Information

The Roborovski Hamster (Phodopus roborovskii)  are sometimes referred to as The Desert, Robo or Robs Hamsters – but either way it is the smallest of all the dwarf breeds.

Generally, they will grow to 2″ as an adult and weigh in around 1oz

On average, your hamster will live around 3 years, but many have been known to far outlive this, even living for 5 years, but this is an exception amongst most Roborovski hamsters – in a safe, clean, healthy habitat with fresh bedding and ample food and water, you can expect them to have a healthy, happy life.

smal robo hamster in hand

Their lifestyle and living conditions play a big part on their activity levels and it is essential to give your hamster the very best habitat to ensure he/she thrives and lives a long, happy life.

Remember, these creatures are super active, in fact it has been documented that this breed will run the equivalent  of 3 human marathons each night.!!

Their new lifestyle

This being the case, it is very important their habitat is as big as possible, with lots of toys and ‘things of interest’ for your hamster to play with and explore.

It’s also good to change the design of their ‘home’ layout quite often as this will give them added interest and new things and places to explore (something they love to do), once they have explored their new setting they will be off, whizzing around and having fun.

Fortunately there are loads of options to choose for cages and toys and fun things for them to play with – cages offer a great way to create variety and a different layout for them to explore. 

The key thing here is never let your hamster get bored.. 


 Be ready and fully prepared for you new arrival

Possibly one of most important things you need to remember when considering buying one or more of these lovable creatures is “are you prepared”.

By that I mean, have you got all the essentials ready to greet your new pet?

Do not impulse buy, and bring a hamster home to nothing – Don’t use a makeshift shelter for a home, this will cause him unnecessary stress and make him very frightened.

Your new Roborovski Hamster will, initially, be timid and will need a little time to adjust and adapt to their new home, so be fully prepared with the correct cage, bedding, food, water and hiding places, all ready for him to settle down and relax as soon as you get home

After a few days or so of acclimatization they will be ready to start to get to know you. 


Additional information:

Fortunately, these great little Hamsters have a great future and are not considered an endangered species.

robo wike conservation status

Wikipedia quotes the Roborovski Hamster as LC, which means ‘of least concern’. Basically, they are thriving very well, both in their natural environment and in captivity.


There are also many websites on the internet offering help and advice for anyone interested in looking after these little fellows. WikiCom has a one page article which shows a chart of important steps to make when purchasing.

When considering buying it worth while checking out the bigger pet stores like the Pets At Home stores. They often have a good selection which are well bred and have been well looked after.


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