Roborovski Hamster Health – Mites

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Hamster Health – Mites

Roborovskis are generally a very resilient breed of hamster and rarely get ill.

In fact here are only three ways they can become incapacitated:

  • Fighting – which causes them to get injured
  • Illness – ranging from simple diarrhea to tumours
  • Infestation – mites and other nasty little creatures



 If you Roborovski Hamster seems to be scratching more than normal, it’s well worth checking for mites.

These mites can be easily seen on your hamsters fur as little dull coloured dots wriggling away at the roots of the hairs. They will also burrow down beside the hair roots and live under your hamsters skin.

Pretty gross eh..!

hamster mite

The mites live of the skin oils and dead skin by biting pieces off the hamster, which, in turn, causes the hamster to constantly itch itself – before long, your hamster is itching like crazy and will create a balding spot as well as tearing at the skin which will lead to infection. 

You can normally see these mites with the naked eye and once identified you must quarantine the infected hamster and then clean and disinfect the cage thoroughly.

Remember – these mites can also infect humans, so it is advisable to wear some surgical gloves when handling your infected hamster and cleaning the cage.


Quite often the infestation will be local – the ears are particularly prone to ‘ear mites’. As the mites munch away and your hamster scratches them, they leave the hamsters ears with a crust or scab on then. 

Treatment for Hamster Mites:

Fortunately, mites are one of the easier creature to get rid of – there are a number of good anti-mite sprays and drops available like the Beaphar Anti-Parasite, these work well and are easy to apply.  

The * also gets rid of  lice, fleas and ticks, as well as internal parasites such as roundworms – so well worth keeping some handy.

If your hamster continues to itch itself and you can’t see any signs of infestation, it will be a trip to the vets for closer inspection. 







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