Roborovski Hamster Health – Fighting

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Hamster Health – Fighting

Roborovskis are generally a very resilient breed of hamster and rarely get ill.

In fact here are only three ways they can become incapacitated:

  • Fighting – which causes them to get injured
  • Illness – ranging from simple diarrhea to tumours
  • Infestation – mites and other nasty little creatures



Although Roborovski Hamsters are generally a friendly and happy bunch, you still get the occasional fight – sometimes it is funny playfighting and comes to no harm at all. But occasionally one hamster will decide to become more dominant and try to exert control over the other.

hamsters fightingBy always keeping a lookout for unusual behaviour, and always checking your hamsters condition, you can normally see the ‘tell tail’ signs of more aggressive behaviour.

Look out for signs of fighting and especially patches of fur missing – these will normally start  around the tail end as one hamster runs away and the other nips at them from behind.

Remember your hamster can be quite possessive and fight can also break out over toys or food. This is why a good cage with lots of toys is so important – even consider doubling up on things like their exercise wheel to ensure they don’t squabble over this very popular toy.


Also be on the lookout for unusual social behaviour.

If a once happy, lively hamster shows signs of deliberately hugging the sides of the cage as he moves around or behaves in a timid manner, or starts to store his food in his pouches to eat alone, then you may have the beginnings of a more dominant hamster starting to exert himself over him.

Separation time.

If biting occurs that draws blood, it’s time to react by separating the hamsters – the odd nip can be taken as a grumpy hamster, but biting with intent is a whole different matter and should be taken seriously.

An awful lot of damage can be done when an hamster attacks another weaker one – don’t let this happen and separate them immediately.


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