Roborovski Hamster Exercise Ball

Roborovski Hamster Exercise Ball 

An exercise ball has long been an old favourite amongst hamster enthusiasts.

They are an ideal piece of equipment for your hamster to burn off all that energy – next to a running wheel, the exercise ball is second on the ‘keep fit’ list.

The exercise ball should only be used to give your hamster short burst of running around – it’s normally considered that 15-20 mins is sufficient for any dwarf hamster per session.

However, they love going in and running around, so let your hamster have a break for half hour – he may even have a little nap and then, when he’s ready he will be off and whizzing about again.

There are several to choose from, but remember you have the smallest of all the dwarf hamsters here, so you must be sure the ball is suitable for this size.

This ball shown here (left) is the Small Animal Activity Hamster Ball and is designed for hamsters and gerbils – so specially for the smaller pet.

Made in the UK, It measures 7″ diameter and has a lockable entry door to prevent any escapes..!

Smaller options:

The Superpet Mini Rainbow Run-About Ball is a 5″ diameter ball with the locking doors to prevent any escapes.

This type of equipment is good value at under £6 from Amazon and is definitely a good choice of Hamster Exercise Ball – the 5″ diameter also suits a younger/smaller hamster much better.







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