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The Roborovski Hamster is one of the fastest and most active hamster breeds to own – they cover a lot of ground each day when scurrying around and playing – that means you must have an adequate sized cage for them to run off all that energy.

An engaging habitat that offers a variety of challenges is essential to keep them interested and active – therefore, try to think ahead and buy a cage that will be easy to extent whenever possible.

Their living, sleeping and playing areas should be separated whenever possible and contain all the essential equipment to keep your hamster clean, safe and healthy, as well as allowing a good selection of ‘interesting and fun’ activities to keep them occupied.    

Roborovski Hamster Cages need to be a little different from the ‘normal’ hamster cages you buy at a pet shop – because your hamster is very small, in the dwarf class, you must make sure the cage is suitable and the bars are closer together.

There are, of course, a few different types of cages to choose from –

  • solid base with wire frame upper.
  • all perspex with tubular extensions for ‘runs’
  • glass tank – similar to an aquarium 

All will make good Roborovski Hamster Cages and it really only boils down to personal choice – however, there are a few considerations when choosing your new cage:

  • the physical size of the cage
  • ease of cleaning
  • portability
  • ability to extend and make larger

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The glass option.

A lot of people choose the all glass aquarium style ‘cage’ for their hamsters – it does offer several benefits over the others below, namely it is very secure and gives you a good all round view of your hamsters activities.

This particular cage is large enough for 2 Roborovski Hamsters to live quite happily together.

The Ferplast Ratatout 80 Rat Cage measures 81 x 36 x 45.9 cm which is 110 Litres of space to use – a cage of this size has lots of room for all the toys and accessories you want to add plus their bedding but it does come with a big price tag – at around £110 it is one of the more expensive options.

Cleaning can also be an issue with this type as it cannot be dismantled for easy washing, and must be cleaned in situ.

The glass can also make things difficult to clip things onto – so building little structures to span the cage can present problems.


The bigger the better.

Buying as big as you can afford will give your hamster a good lifestyle – initially buy as big as possible with the ability to expand and create new runs and different areas for your hamster to explore.

The Tower Hamster Cage(shown here) is 56cm x 38cm x 62 cm and offers plenty of floor space on different levels which will keep your hamster interested.

This particular cage has several levels that can be changed around to give a different setting – this will enable you to set up a bedding area in one section with play and relaxing areas in different sections.

All this will keep your hamster interested – the climbing tubes are very good for giving extra exercise and most hamsters love these.

A cage like this sells for under £45 from Amazon and includes the platforms, climbing tubes and also an exercise wheel – so quite a good package really.



Large cages 

At 80cm x 50cm x 50cm – this is the Savic Hamster Heaven – certainly one of the top end cages available.

It’s pricey at around £90 from Amazon, but it’s top notch equipment and comes supplied with platform, 2 ladder ramps, hamster house, exercise wheel, water bottle, feeder bowl, carrying handles, hamster toilet, play tubes and connectors – all you need to keep your hamster happy from the start.

The ‘penthouse’ lookout can also be extended by adding more tubes to the existing ones making some extra runs and areas for your hamster to explore and have fun in.

I also like this particular cage for one main reason – you can detach the top and bottom halves very easily with the side clips –  this makes it a very simple process when cleaning out and renewing the bedding etc.





Other choices of Roborovski Hamster Cages 

One very popular make of habitats that are made specifically for small creatures come from “CritterTrail”, and are one of the top manufacturers of hamster cages.

The “CritterTrail” systems allow you to expand the whole layout as big as you want, with many add-ons and extra features that make it very comfortable and exciting for your hamster to live in.

The basic cage, like this Superpet Critter Trail-1 gives a comfortable ‘starter home’ which measures in at 40cm x 27cm x 28cm – this type of habitat can easily be extended to suit with all different add-ons (shown below)


crittertrail burrowing maze

Roborovskis love burrowing and this Crittertrail Burrowing Maze is an Interactive Burrowing and Nesting Accessory to add-on to their habitat – (do not use as a main cage)  the burrowing maze attaches directly onto the top of all CritterTrail Discovery Clear View Habitats, CritterTrail Bur.

It gives an ideal area for your hamster to play in, but remember, it’s an add-on, not a cage (far too small) – but as an area where your hamster can practice digging and burrowing and making a mess…. it’s ideal.

Sell for around £25 on Amazon, so not particularly cheap, but a good additional, interesting area for your hamster.

Your hamster will even use this area as a bedding nest if you put the correct bedding down for them.





These are a few of the great additional add-ons for Roborovski Hamster Cages that give added interest for your hamster


Fun-nel Connectable 8 pieces Trail Loop-d-Loop Accessory kit Lazy Look-Out Accessory Kit Expansion Kit 3 Expansion Kit 1










Whatever Roborovski Hamster Cage you decide to buy it must be kept clean and tidy,

the only trouble with trying to do that is, you hamster will do has best to make it a mess.!!

“But watching them enjoying their habitat and having fun with all their toys is more than worth it”.





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