Roborovski Hamster Bedding

Roborovski Hamster Bedding  

 Hamster bedding is one of those items that will be needed on a regular basis – in fact, it is one of the essential items needed for a happy pet.

Although it is possible to make your own bedding from various materials, it is definitely not recommended, unless you really do some ‘in depth’ research of the materials you intend to use and have the equipment and time to produce safe bedding.

But by the time you have done all that, your ‘homemade’ bedding will probably work out more expensive anyway.!

For that reason I only ever use professionally manufactured hamster bedding – that way I know is suitable for my hamsters and safe as well.

It’s not too expensive and, depending on how much you like to put down, can last for quite a while.

Remember, your Roborovski Hamster is a born burrower and will dig down to hide. So putting down a 3″ layer will be sufficient to keep your hamster happy and clean but put down 6″ and he will be a really happy chappy – but then you have just doubled your bedding costs. It’s up to you.

There are a variety of bedding materials available to choose from but:

Not all Hamster Bedding materials are safe to use.

There has been extensive research into this, with conclusive proof that you must not use the following:

  • Pine or Cedar or other Softwoods – these all contain Phenol Oils – which are dangerous to you hamster respiratory system and can also cause pneumonia and cancer.
  • Any scented wood or bedding materials – they only disguise odour and will irritate the respiratory system.
  • Cat Litter – Bedding or ‘litter’ that is more suited for other animals. eg; cat litter
  • Any material that is dusty – hamsters have a small, delicate respiratory system that can be easily blocked by dust.
  • Do not use sawdust – just don’t do it.. too dusty
  • Any Cotton based or ‘Fluffy’ materials – if it doesn’t dissolve in water – do not use it. 

Another word of warning: 

Always read the label…. And, double check, even if it says ‘safe for hamsters’. Remember, your Roborovski Hamster is the smallest of the dwarf hamsters and his bedding needs to be safe and digestible, as he will nibble it – incorrect bedding can cause digestive problems. 


What bedding is available: 


Carefresh Colours Pink Premium Pet Bedding is my top rated hamster bedding.

It is safe for your hamster and comes in all different, non-toxic, colours which they seem to really like it playing about in.

This bedding is also sanitized to 380 degs which reduces any mold, fungus and bacteria, making it one of the safest on the market.

The cost is just under £10 all in from Amazon and on average, a bag will last 5 changes, so with a nice amount of bedding you will probably use a bag per month – but if your cage is large or you have lots of add ons with rooms then you can easily get through a lot more.





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