hamster care sheet

Hamster Care Sheet 

hamster sitting on a comfy chair

A basic guide sheet covering the essential items needed for your hamster.


  • A sturdy, safe and secure cage with plenty of room for him to run around.
  • Make very sure the cage meets all of the above because hamsters are great escape artists and if you give them a chance the WILL ESCAPE..!
  • The cage needs to be checked and cleaned out regularly. This is normally only once a week, unless you have several hamsters in one cage – but never let it get dirty and unsanitary.
  • Clean all toys and equipment and make sure its dry before putting back.
  • Exercise is essential and so is a good exercise wheel – choose a “silent running” wheel unless you’re happy to be woken up each night with him running around in it.
  • An exercise ball is also a good idea to keep him fit.


  • Always make sure they have food in their dish and fresh water.
  • Don’t give snacks and treats too often and be very aware of the BAD FOODS that will harm them.
  • Whenever possible leave a small amount of fresh food for them to gnaw on.


  • Keep them comfortably warm and out of drafts, they do come from a warm climate but obviously do not overdo roborovski hamster sleepingit with the heat.
  • Hamsters don’t hibernate in the normal sense, however, when the temperature starts to drop below about 8⁰C and when it hits below 5⁰C they will be looking to slow down and go to sleep. They will actually look dead.!  – therefore do not allow the room temperature to go below 5⁰C – NEVER put their cage in an air conditioned room.
  • If you have more than one hamster in a cage – do not have mixed sex pairs. Roborovski hamsters are best paired with a sibling – but be aware, they may still fight [the chances are low, but possible]
  • If you see any signs of bullying or fighting, you must separate them straight away as they can easily fight to the death.!



This hamster care sheet is by no means the definitive list and each item can easily be subdivided into many others and go into much more detail. It does, however, cover the main, essential points you must know before buying your new pet.





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