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Hamster Fridge Magnets

hamster fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are great fun and some of these will make you laugh. Another great little present for any hamster lover. All of these magnetic badges are nice and cheap with their prices starting from only £1 Theres a few to choose from right here below.       If you liked this article, please share it …

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Hamster Stickers

hamster window sticker

Here’s a selection of great Hamster Stickers for cars, homes and office. Dirt cheap from only £3 and great fun to show everyone your a hamster fan. There’s a few different types here to show just what’s available – with different sizes (some 50cm x 50cm) and other smaller stickers.           …

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Hamster Keyrings

hamster keyring

Great little gifts – these hamster keyrings range from £4 to £10 all in and delivered to your door and are a must for hamster lovers. Everyone in my house has one..!                               .     If you liked this article, …

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Hamster Phone Covers

iphone cover of hamster

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays And what a great way to show everyone you’re a hamster lover with one of these hamster phone covers. This is my top ten list of the best covers to choose from. They range from £4 up to £16 depending on the type of phone, so would make ideal gifts …

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