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Breeding Roborovski Hamsters

Breeding Roborovski HamstersPart 1:     Preparing The Male and FemaleFirstly, there are several different ways and methods for successfully breeding Roborovski hamsters.Different breeders will have their own particular methods, and these can be quite unique to them at times.So always have a sniff around to see whats on offer if the methods below don’t work …

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Roborovski Show Standards

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National Hamster Council  –  Roborovski Show Standards In order to present your hamster at a show, it will be required to meet the Roborovskis Show Standards. Interestingly, the Roborovski hamster has only been standardised since 2009 here in the UK. The National Hamster Council govern the rules and regulations. National Hamster Council  –  Roborovski Show …

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