Breeding Roborovski Hamsters

Breeding Roborovski Hamsters

Part 1:     Preparing The Male and Female

Firstly, there are several different ways and methods for successfully breeding Roborovski hamsters.
Different breeders will have their own particular methods, and these can be quite unique to them at times.So always have a sniff around to see whats on offer if the methods below don't work you you. 

I think your main concern when breeding Roborovskis is to ensure that you try to produce healthy and tame Roborovski babies who are free from disease, blemishes or disfigurement.

Healthy hamsters being the main concern. If they are for pets and personal enjoyment, the healthier the better.

Of course you could have a knack for breeding Roborovski hamsters and produce a few that meet the required National Hamster Council standards...

Obviously, a show standard baby Roborovski is something that requires a lot of knowledge and breeding skills, and most are not really suitable for showing.

However, providing the babies in the litter are healthy, tame and friendly, they will make someone an absolutely wonderful pet. 

How To Prepare For The New Litter

For successfully producing a healthy litter of babies there is quite a lot of preparation required.

It is not as simple as just putting a male and female in the same cage and waiting for the babies to appear..!

There needs to be some thought put into who mates with who.

Any potential hamster mates must be fully compatible with each other.

You must ensure you have a happy couple of hamsters, who play and live together in harmony as this will produce the very best babies.

Do not just choose any old two hamsters that look good - to get healthy, tame and possibly show winning babies, your work begins before even trying to pair up a male and female.

It is important to know the history of both potential parents, by this I mean they should be from reputable breeders who have kept good background information and records of their hamsters.

You want to choose a hamster somewhat like the way you would choose a pedigree dog.

Check their records and ensure their family tree goes back at least three generations.

Wherever possible try and see their parents as well. Take a look at their features and how well they behave.

Fine Tuning The Parenst

So you have made your decision and chosen the parents to be.

You now need to start preparing both the hamsters for a successful mating, pregnancy and of course, the rearing of their offspring.

Both the male and female hamster must be in their very best condition before you consider placing them together in the same cage.

Treat The 'Parents To Be' Like Mini Athletes

In order to get the parents into the best shape you need to think of them as athletes preparing for tournament..!

You can get hem in their best shape by ensuring they have extra protein, vitamins and minerals in their diet.

This can be easily achieved - They will need: 

  • Well cooked egg - scrambled or boiled.
  • Plain Cooked Chicken - small pieces only
  • Fresh Fruit - small pieces. 
  • Brewers Yeast Powder - sprinkle a little on their food
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese - this will help varry their diet
  • Plain Yogurt - another interesting change for them
  • Diced Tofu - more variety food

Another very good supplement to consider adding as a night-time treat food are these Healthy Bites - loaded with essential fatty acids and essential vitamins:

A lot of breeders will add a sprinkling of Brewer’s Yeast Powder onto their food as well.

All the extra special food you give your hamsters at this 'pre-parring' stage will mean they are in peak condition and healthy hamsters.
Their fertility levels will be high and the females body will be ready for the pregnancy to follow.

It is important to continue their good quality food regime once they have been paired up, and do not let it slip during the pregnancy, birth or when rearing the young.

The mother will need these extra nutrients to replenish her body when rearing the young as she can become very stressed, especially if she has a large litter.

When To Mate..?

It is very unwise to pair Roborovski hamster for mating too young - although in the wild this can be quite common, it is not recommended for the domestic hamster.

The absolute minimum age for a female to fall pregnant is around four months, but this is very much the minimum.

You will also find that the Roborovskis are quite likely to breed during the spring and summer months only.
In fact a female, regardless of age, might not have her first litter until her first spring.

Now you have chosen and decided on the mating pair, and importantly, the female is over four months, it is time to begin the pairing process - you must be confident that they are in good physical condition AND have both been checked over to ensure they are 100% fit and healthy and ready to be parents.

Continue reading:     Introducing The Male And Female.

Breeding Robos' is a whole new ballgame and something you must take very seriously.
You always want good, healthy babies and this means YOU need to do a lot of work beforehand.

Best Wishes.


Margot HartRoborovski Hamster Keeper

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